career1.Logistics Analyst:

  • 1. Set up and maintain enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and the database to carefully collect and record data from all transactions happened, including data from both domestic and international purchasing, and domestic selling.
  • 2. Revise standard operating procedures for logistics processes, identify developments in logistics planning or execution, and track product flow form origin to final delivery.
  • 3. Develop and maintain various models and methods for logistic uses, cost estimating, demand forecasting, land/air/ocean transportation rate quotation, effective route arrangement.
  • 4. Identify opportunities for inventory reductions, and contact various vendors to determine inventory availability. Monitor inventory transactions at warehouse facility to assess receiving, storage, shipping, and inventory integrity.
  • 5. Determine alternatives and recommend new initiatives and methodologies in the logistics area based on client requirements and project priorities by analyzing and evaluating in areas such as shipping cost, data, warehousing, and logistics.
  • 6. Evaluate the actual cost trade-offs between various modes, routes, consolidations and carrier combinations to determine the best alternative for each individual shipment. Create customized plans specific to the customers and their needs.
  • 7. Communicate with service providers such as ocean carriers, freight forwarders, trucking companies, in order to optimize the shipping flow.
  • 8. Develop dashboard to monitor daily operations with Key Performance Indicators such as Load Capacity Utilization, Claims Ratio, Fuel to Labor Cost Ratio, Delivery In-full and On-time Rate. And make recommendations for management to improve operation performance.
  • 9. Compare locations and environmental factors to make transportation decisions with minimized environmental impact, especially weather and traffic impact.
  • 10. Prepare reports for management with regard to logistics performance measures, project plans, progress, and results to help determine ways to optimize the logistic process.
  • 11. Illustrate and expand on the understanding of customers’ shipment distribution in all areas including warehousing, cargo damage, missing, overage, or delay probability related with sale rate and season freight period.
  • 12. Interact with customs department to guarantee all import and export shipments are legal,therefore ensuring the whole international shipping process is valid.
  • 13. Arrange and distribute import freight including organizing customs clearance files and creating delivery orders.
  • 14. Inspect and protect proprietary materials during upload and offload, as to avoid any damage and misplacement during the freight; follow up on each step of security till the shipment is delivered to consignee.

Skills / Requirements

  • 1. At least a bachelor degree in business, systems engineering, or supply chain management, or a related field. MBA Preferred.,
  • 2. Knowledge and skills in data-mining, analyzing, and visualization, statistics, modeling, mathematical analyzing, system evaluation, quality control methodology, accounting, project planning, scheduling methodology, transportation, custom regulations, law and government rules, logistic management, supply-chain management, international business, effective and efficient communication skills, geography and design.

2. Sales

Job DescriptionExpress Distributor is a restaurant supply wholesale.  We offer  good quality services for our customers.  Now we serve more than 3000 restaurants around the United States and most of them are Chinese restaurants.  Now we want to extend our business such develop new markets, collaborate with customers receive feedback, contact  customers about requirements and phone sales.  Please email resume to

Join Express Distribuor Marketing team.

  • Attractive compensation plan: base + uncapped commissions (no draw – ALL paid bi-weekly)
  • 30 hours starts full-time!
  • Opportunity for rapid career advancement throughout the country
  • Paid training
  • Fun, friendly work environment

Skills / Requirements

  • College degree or equivalent experience required.
  • Previous sales or marketing experience is preferred.
  • Previous customer service experience is preferred.
  • Basic computer skills. Strong communication skills.
  • Must be articulate and speak effectively, demonstrating openness and honesty.
  • Strong listening skills.

3. Software Developer

Job Description

The developer will help to develop the website application and design the website.  Now Express Distributor serves more than 3000 restaurants and most of our customers need to build their own website to show their restaurants.  Some of them need online order or online payment which includes the developer should experience with HTML, CSS or other development language.  For the future, Express Distributor will develop its restaurant POS, which needs developers have experience with C/C++ languages, MFC, Linux or Windows systems, database, Java language, TCP/IP knowledge.  Please email resume to

Skills / Requirements

  • Responsibilities:
    – Design, specification, implementation, and testing of software in an iterative development process
    – Software integration and customization
    – Creation of technical documentation
    – Diagnosis of problems and performance analysisPreferred Qualifications:
  • Experience in one or more of the following:
    – Java
    – C/C++
    – ActionScript experience optional
    – Information Security optional
  • - At least a bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Software, Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, or a related field is required.

4. IC (Inventory Control) specialist

Job Description

Responsible for maintaining the inventory in accountable supply areas. Responsible for verifying all inventory orders, correcting errors after researching the source of the error, and auditing inventory transactions in Purchasing, Receiving and accountable supply areas.  Please email resume to

Primary Duties:

  • Maintains inventory cycle count and physical inventory programs
  • Counts and reconciles randomly chosen part numbers and/or locations
  • Assists in developing solutions to specific problem areas
  • Compiles, verifies and reports periodic statistical information to management